3 Reasons to Buy a Motorized Scooter

3 Reasons to Buy a Motorized Scooter

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Motorized scooters are lightweight alternatives to motorized wheelchairs. There are a few key differences between the two. Here are three of the most common reasons people choose a scooter over a wheelchair:

  1. They’re less expensive. Motorized scooters typically cost thousands of dollars less than motorized wheelchairs.
  2. They’re faster. Motorized scooters can usually get up to around 6 to 10 mph, whereas most electric wheelchairs fall in the 4 to 8 mph range.
  3. They’re a better choice for low mobility issues. If you have a hard time getting around but don’t yet need a wheelchair, a motorized scooter is probably the best option for you.

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Zip around on a knee scooter

Did you injure your leg recently? Consider purchasing a knee scooter. These zippy vehicles help you get around on one foot. Keep moving without any pain. We service what we sell!

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