Find High-Quality Wheelchairs in Temple, Texas

Find High-Quality Wheelchairs in Temple, Texas

Providing mobility solutions for nearly 30 years

Do you need a wheelchair to get around in Temple, TX? At Don’s Medical Equipment, we carry power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. Our devices help seniors and people with disabilities or injuries get moving and live normal lives.

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4 benefits of using a wheelchair

Whether your mobility is affected by old injuries, arthritis, Parkinson’s, hip issues or something else, a wheelchair may be the right choice for you. Here are four benefits of using a wheelchair if you’re a senior:

  1. Comfort. Wheelchairs provide support for your back, so your posture will improve with continued use.
  2. Socialization. Spend more time with the people you love. Wheelchairs allow you to visit with family and participate in social activities.
  3. Mobility. Move freely in your home and outdoors. Without a wheelchair, you may feel confined to certain spaces. With a chair from Don’s Medical Equipment, you’ll be able to go anywhere you like.
  4. Independence. Mobility and socialization go a long way toward making you more independent. Do things on your own again with a manual or power wheelchair.

Get back to doing the things you love. Visit us to choose the wheelchair that’s right for you.